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Goodbye Brother Joel

Our Co-Founder and Original Inspiration Goes Home

It is with a bittersweet Heart that we would like to post a Divine Salute to our dear Brother, Original Member and Co-Founder of: "The Bible Cafe", Joel Chisler. - There can be no doubt ( according to the Scriptures ) that Joel, who is now absent from his ...More

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Daily Bible Scripture Post

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Nobody But Jesus

...NOBODY is out to save NOBODIES like Jesus! In fact, this song, "A Call To Arms" even reveals exactly WHO he is looking to save and use to do exactly that. Casting crowns, featuring co-writer, Matthew West defines who we are and why God chose us to accomplish telling the world about Jesus in this song perfectly.

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Mark 16:15 | Matthew 16:15
Mark 2:17

past praistries this quote clearly explains, many believers who have fallen away or regressed back into a sinful nature are not comfortable hearing the same truth they once felt that had them kneel to Christ when they were "Born-Again" and agreed to "turn-away" from their old life.

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Luke 11:28
Matthew 13:19-21 | 2 Timothy 4:2
John 10:27 | Acts 3:19
Matthew 3:8 | Proverbs 28:13
James 4:8


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...many of us too easily forget the investment God has made in us. It is an eternal investment and one that He is always more than willing to preserve by His promises to forgive and forget. To build you up and not tear you down, to be by our side in the present and especially going into the future.

"tap or mouseover to read bible reffs"

Romans 8:1
Hebrews 7:25 | 3 John 1:2
Jeremiah 29:11 | John 14:3
1 John 1:9

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Weekly Topic

Church Is For Christians

written By: Nick Cambell

There is a common idea that the church is for “everybody”, which is a half truth in that there’s a qualification. The church is for those who are in Christ, yes everybody in Christ, but in Christ nonetheless. What has happened is that we have effectively equated evangelism as invitations to church and it was invitations to the church where one would be saved. To restate; the church is not a substitute for evangelism or a common area for unbelievers but a place for professors of the faith. There is nothing wrong with an unbeliever sitting in, the doors aren’t locked, but they aren’t a part of the church. So what is the church? > ...Read Full Article Here

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Sundae Special

Weekly Sundae Special

Posted From a "LIVE" Weekly Sunday Worship Service

from the Faith Assembly Church sermon series: "Straight Forward"

The Truth Is Marching On

by: Pastor Jason Lamer

When everything seems out of place or unfamiliar, God's truth is still marching on. How can we Recognize truth in an unrecognizable world?

1). Man's Plans Fail. God's Plans Stand.Agendas are distractions that create fractions. Truth is not fractured. Truth is whole.
2). God's Blessings Know No Borders. The status of my blessing is not restricted to my lineage, my heritage or my earthly citizenship but rather to my relationship with Jesus Christ.
3). God Doesn't Have a Horse in the Race. He Fixed the Race. There are no sides and there is no competition. Truth is unmatched.
4). Dependence on Him is Deliverance from Sin.To wait is a great lesson. To be quiet in expectation, patient in hope, single in confidence, is one of the bright attainments of the Christian life.

In the days of testing, may it affirm our dependence upon HIM.

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Now, make the gift of a Bible to Yourself, Friend or Loved one "personal" by having one "PERSONALIZED" by having the name "Hand-Painted" right on the cover of most any version you wish. In addition to your purchase you will be helping The Bible Cafe continue to make Jesus personal to many new "Born-Again" believers with the many FREE Bibles we provide to New Believers as many well.

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Future Topics


Ye Must Born-Again

Jesus very clearly stated that unless we become "Born-Again" (placing ALL our trust in Him alone for salvation), we cannot "SEE" the kingdom of God. Which I believe to understand it as walking and living in it even BEFORE we pass from this life to the next...

The Blessed Hope

Best known as the "Rapture" or "Harpazo" in the greek the bible is full of self-evident scriptures that clearly reveal God's promise through Jesus to "snatch" the church from the earth, in the twinkling of an eye BEFORE the seven year tribulation...

Eternal Security

What does the Bible really say about how secure our salvation is in Christ once we become "Born-again" and trust in Jesus for our eternal Destiny? Is it something we can mismanage, lose or sin our way back out of? We'll Explore this controversial but clear truth more...

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No Live Meetings!

...sorry! But due to the recent PA Governor's mandate to close all inside dining for small businesses we feel it only respectful to honor our sponsor, the Sullivan Bros. Coffee Company's business by discontinuing to meet at their establishment. They DID NOT ask us to quit meeting or prevent us from doing so but after prayer and much consideration, it is our thinking that since it is their name on the door we don't want anyone labeling our failure to comply with the covid mandate to their charge.

We are however, working on getting a virtual meeting or live YouTube program up and working as soon as we can. This was not our original intention so we are behind on the preparation of it but if we get positive feedback on having it online we will continue to work in that direction that we might be able to continue to: "Talk About Jesus"!

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We are always willing to hear from anyone concerning The Bible Cafe, their experiences from one of our Weekly Meetings, their spiritual input, testimonies and of course Prayer Requests. Use any of the following contact points to reach us and we will respond as time permits.

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